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The new A Level reform consultation document has been published (June 2014) on the Ofqual website. This is an opportunity to address the importance of A Level geology and keep groundwater on the National Curriculum.

Download the consultation document here (PDF 205Kb). The deadline for responses is the 30th July 2014.


In 2013 the UK Groundwater Forum coordinated a response to the GCSE National Curriculum consultation, in collaboration with the Earth Science Teachers Association.

Key points for the consultation were:

  • Push to include Groundwater in both the Science (Chemistry) and Geography curriculum.
  • Aim to get groundwater included specifically in the water cycle, looking at how groundwater accumulates and its vulnerability to over-exploitation and contamination.
  • Get the basics of groundwater in the geography curriculum - groundwater is found within the pore spaces, fractures and dissolution features within rocks, not in underground rivers.
  • And, emphasise the reliance of the UK, in certain areas, on groundwater as a potable water supply.

UK Groundwater Forum NC response (PDF 420Kb)

This section includes:

Emma Tribe BGS © NERC, 2004, a model used to illustrate how groundwater flows into rivers
Emma Tribe BGS © NERC, 2004, a model
used to illustrate how groundwater
flows into rivers
  • a discussion of the potential for including the teaching of groundwater in schools and how it fits with the UK National Curricula;
  • links to existing web-based educational resources.
  • requirements and opportunities for studying groundwater-related subjects in further education; and

You may also like to have a look at the educational material that the UK Groundwater Forum has produced.

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