Groundwater Modellers' Forum
a Groundwater Modellers' Forum workshop in progress

The Groundwater Modellers' Forum provides an opportunity for the UK groundwater modelling community to:

  • Exchange experience and knowledge on practical and scientific issues;
  • Explore methods and agree best practice on groundwater modelling;
  • Forge links with academia;
  • Make recommendations on best practice and future R&D work.

It aims to meet these objectives by organising one or two workshops a year. The workshops are supported by the Environment Agency and are open to all who are actively involved in the topic area for that workshop and can contribute to the discussion both prior to and during the day. In the past this has included staff from water companies, universities, consultants, regulators, research institutes and the Met Office.

A workshop usually begins with a challenge laid down by three or four keynote speakers on the day's topic. The heart of each workshop is the small discussion groups where we explore how we can improve both our operational modelling and the science that supports it. A summary of what has been agreed is distributed by email and posted on this website. A charge is made for each workshop to cover the costs of the meeting rooms.

The Groundwater Modellers' Forum is run by a steering committee. If you wish to raise any matters with the committee please contact Jeanne Thompson.

Note, the Groundwater Modellers' Forum is not linked to the UK Groundwater Forum. However, the UK Groundwater Forum supports the aims of the Groundwater Modellers' Forum and maintains this section of the web site to enable dissemination of information on its workshops.

Next Workshop

The next workshop titled “Regional Groundwater Modelling in the UK: past, present, future” reflects on the development of regional groundwater models for water resources purposes across the United Kingdom. It also provides the opportunity to take a strategic look forward into where groundwater modelling in the UK is heading in the future. The workshop will be held on the 19th of November 2009 between 9:45am and 4pm at the Priory Rooms, central Birmingham.

Past Groundwater Modelling Workshops

Modelling from the regional to the borehole scale: How much can you suck out of a borehole? 19th November 2008
Quantifying aquifer-river fluxes: modelling for process and management 12-13 March 2008
Communication and Stakeholder Engagement: Asking the right questions of groundwater models: presenting answers that make sense 31 January 2008
Source Protection Zones; the present and the future? 9 July 2007
Groundwater - surface water interactions 28 March 2007
Unsaturated zone processes 8 May 2006
Uncertainty and Groundwater Modelling 16 September 2005
Estimating Groundwater Recharge on Water Resources Projects 4 November 2004


Unsaturated Flow