What can we really get out of a borehole? Borehole v regional scale assessments

19th November 2008

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Over the last decade the Environment Agency has made a significant investment in regional groundwater models and water companies have been standardising their approaches to the assessment of borehole yields. However, the process of transferring results/understanding between these two different scales has raised a number of issues, particularly with the recent need to assess the implications of climate change on borehole yields. Recent developments in understanding groundwater flows at the borehole scale have important implications for this process of translation. The objectives of the workshop were therefore to:

  • Consider what exactly a pumped/static water level in a borehole represents;
  • Groundwater behaviour around boreholes under pumped and rest conditions;
  • Improved methods for representing abstraction boreholes in regional models;
  • Understanding how to translate regional model results to the borehole scale;
  • Make recommendations on best practice and future R&D.


Flier (PDF - 84 Kb)


Unsaturated Flow