Communication and Stakeholder Engagement

31 Jan 2008

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The UK Groundwater Modellers’ Forum Committee held their sixth workshop on the subject of Communication and Stakeholder Engagement: Asking the right questions of groundwater models; presenting answers that make sense. The venue was the Priory Rooms in Birmingham.

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Groundwater models are constructed to answer questions and inform decisions relating to various aspects of water resources and aquifer management. To maximise the usefulness of such models in decision making it is important that clear communication is maintained throughout the modelling process, from inception to the presentation of model results. The objectives of the workshop were to:

  • Provide an overview of how models are used in decision making
  • Review different ways in which model results can be presented
  • Explore ways to improve stakeholder engagement
  • Make recommendations on best practice and future R&D.


Pre-workshop flyer (PDF - 134 Kb)

Presentations made at the workshop:

Summary report on Communication and Stakeholder Engagement (PDF - 24 Kb)

International organisations involved in developing best practice for model uptake

EU funded projects

  • "Learning alliances" groups for lay person participation see EU Switch
  • HarmoniCA: EU funded project to produce guidance and methodologies to support consensus building on catchment wide water resources projects.

Other groups and events


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