Uncertainty and Groundwater Modelling

16 September 2005

Graph illustrating predictive uncertainty

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Uncertainty is often overlooked in developing models, especially regional scale groundwater models. This aim of this workshop was to examine different approaches to quantifying uncertainty and provide suggestions for techniques to be used routinely.


Programme (HTML)

Presentations made at the workshop:

  • Notes from the breakout groups (PDF - 33Kb)
  • Selected publications on uncertainty (PDF - 55Kb)
    • Dr Jeremy Oakley, lecturer in the Department of Probability and Statistics at the University of Sheffield. Links to reports including Oakley, J. (2005). Decision-theoretic sensitivity analysis for complex computer models. Research Report, Department of Probability and Statistics, University of Sheffield. (Describes sensitivity analysis in a decision-making context)
    • SimLab: a free development framework for Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis.


    Unsaturated Flow