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Groundwater Issues Portal

The web pages referenced below are listed by organisation. They include only sites that have a substantial amount of information relevant to topical groundwater issues. If there are any other sites that you think should be included please contact us.

Issues, organised by institution

The Department for Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is responsible for water policy in England. Its web site contains a wealth of useful information. Perhaps the area of most relevance is Environmental Protection. This includes within it sections on Climate Change, Farming: environmental management and of particular interest Water Issues. Water Issues amongst other relevant topics covers Water Resources, Water Quality and, specifically, the Water Framework Directive and the Water Act 2003. Within the Farming area of the site there is also a section on Farming and Water.

The Environment Agency is the leading public body for protecting and improving the environment in England and Wales. Its web site includes major sections on Water Resources and Water Quality. The Water Resources section includes amongst other topics Water Act changes, Water Situation for England and Wales, Water company water resources plans and a section on Groundwater. The Water Quality section includes amongst others Sources of pollution and Diffuse Water Pollution. There is also a section on the Water Framework Directive.

Scottish Environment Protection Agency SEPA is responsible for the protection of the Scottish environment including the water environment. Its web site includes sections on Groundwater and the Water Framework Directive. The Groundwater section includes information on Abstraction, Pollution Control and Tools Developed to Assess Risks to Groundwater.

The Scottish Executive - the devolved government for Scotland - has policy responsibility for maintaining and improving the quality of fresh waters in Scotland. Within the Water and Flooding pages of the web site are substantial sections on the Water Framework Directive and Nitrate Vulnerable Zones.

The Northern Ireland Environment Agency is an agency within the Department of the Environment Northern Ireland which takes the lead in advising on, and implementing, the Government’s environmental policy and strategy. The Water Management section of the web site includes, amongst others, pages on Water Quality, Agricultural Regulations and the Water Framework Directive.

WaterUK represents UK water and wastewater service suppliers at national and European level. The News & Comment section of their web site includes press releases, speeches and comment related to topical issues. Topical issues are also addressed in the Policy section, including the Water Framework Directive.

Foundation for Water Research: Water Framework Directive (WFD) Information Centre The WFD Information Centre web site, run by the Foundation for Water Research, is an independent source of information about the WFD which aims to help people understand what the Directive means, how it is being implemented, who the key players are and how it is relevant to managing the water environment.

Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) The DWI regulates public water supplies in England and Wales. Their web site includes a section on Current Issues, e.g. Cryptosporidium and cryptosporidiosis, Nitrate and Pesticides. The Business and Technical section covers aspects such as Research and Regulation.

UK Water Industry Research Ltd (UKWIR) provides a framework by which the UK water industry procures research on generic issues. UKWIR Newsletters provide summaries of the output of the research they fund.

Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) CIWEM’s Policy and Technical Issues section includes Policy Position Statements which it has published on subject areas key to the environment sector.

Water Watch, undertaken jointly by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and the British Geological Survey, provides monthly reports on hydrological and hydrogeological conditions throughout the UK.

UK ADAPT, an initiative of ADAS, UKWIR and Water UK, is a resource for researchers and funders to make them aware of projects that contribute to the understanding of managing catchments to decrease diffuse pollution from agriculture.

United Kingdom Technical Advisory Group (UKTAG) supports the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and consists of experts from the UK conservation and environment agencies and the Department of Environment and Local Government for the Republic of Ireland.

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